Livin the American Dream

I found myself in a shady Richmond parking lot at 11 pm last Sunday night, shivering and watching my Dad fumble with his broken car jack, attempting to fix a flat tire. I wiped away a tear as I thought about all the work I had to do that night, and also as I heard my Dad utter a long string of swear words. “I just fixed a flat tire with this two months ago! This thing is a piece of crap!” he yelled in his best Bronx accent. The car jack that he was using came standard with his 2004 Honda Accord EX that he purchased four years ago. Apparently, the jack stops working after four years, and at the best times, such as that evening. Once we found someone with a legitimate jack, and a nice homeless man named Pete to help us out, we were able to get the spare tire onto the axle and hit the road, after over an hour-long “reststop”. As we were driving back, my Dad made the point that I have the same jack as he does, since I have the same car. I had a premonition of me, stranded on the side of 95, with a broken car jack and a sense of hopelessness. I need to buy a reliable jack. So I searched on Google’s “shopping” feature, that allows you to type in a product, and hundreds of targets will surface and link you right to the product’s website. I found this 2.25 Ton Capacity Trolley Jack from Wesco Tools. Wesco Tools is a website that sells other manufacturer’s tools at a discounted price. This particular car jack is made by Sunex Tools. Apparently, this type of jack is much easier to use than the standard scissor jack that my Dad was using. Wesco advertises that “the internal safety valve and built-in bypass prevents the user from overloading or overextending the jack. Plus, at only 14.5 lbs. anyone can carry it and the rear swivel caster will make it easy to position under the car.” That’s great! Beacuse I think they are thinking of people like me when they say “anyone can carry it”. Wesco is selling the jack for only $48.81 (plus shipping). I think I’d feel a lot more at ease when driving knowing that I had such a reliable tool on hand, just in case…


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